Wednesday, August 31, 2011

weigh in jitters

Ugh....1 day before I weigh nervous!! I'm so tempted to go cheat and weigh right now but I said end of the month and im gonna stick to it!!

Honestly, its been a bad food month, so even 1 pound down (364) would be awesome....state fair...all you can drink margarita and taco bachlorette party, going away weekend for my boyfriend which was a whole weekend of eating out, and a couple of depression binges (although I have been getting in MUCH better control) oh, and one quick stop at mcdonalds after a particularly hellish work day.

So 1 pound would be monumental to me. Heck, even just not gaining weight will make me happy.

Hopefully this weekend when I go to visit the boyfriend we will be bale to get some good outdoors in...aether it be geocaching, disc golf, or some canoeing. He'll, maybe just a long stroll in the woods. I love outside so much, and Houghton, MI is just the most perfect place I have been. Sure, there is a butt ton of snow, but there is so much to do in snow in Milwaukee we just have to drive in it, or -maybe- go sledding. There...they have skiing and ice fishing and hockey and broomball and dog sledding and normal sledding and snowboarding and snowmobiling and ice sculpting and winter carnival and ice skating get the point.

Anymoot...I have to sleep....or at least try. My kitty must detect my nerves since she is kneading my stomach like 'hey momma, I'll help make this smaller'. She just turned 3....but I love the fact she's still all needy kitten. Even the meow.

So, dear readers, what's your favorite winter activity? Or your dream place to live?
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