Monday, August 15, 2011

still here!

Im still around...protesting the scale until the end of the month since state fair was here and not so healthy eating during the final weekends with the boyfriend, who moves back to grad school this week :(

Trying to stay positive, although I was reading a post by the wonderful and beautiful skinnie Emmie and I felt my heart break for her hurdles this week. Oddly enough though, I felt inspired. It was refreshing to see that someone I admire so much faces struggles like mine but is such a powerful woman on such a successful journey. It reminds me that its just a hurdle...not a war I lost. Its not a failure, its a chance to find inner strewth and push through and grow from. It reminds me its just one week in the rest of the thousands I will hopefully have in my life.

And that folks, is powerful.

Anymoot, im off to bed! <3
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