Sunday, August 28, 2011


So, the other day I stopped in at Catherine's Plus Sizes to buy bras, since its the only place that carries my size (54C). As I got out of the car, I became disturbingly aware of my 'walk of shame' whenever I go clothes shopping. I park the car, stare at the words "plus sizes" on the sign, sigh, look around to see if anyone is walking by, wait for people to walk by and then scurry in there, head held down and sighing just before grabbing the door handle. The store gals, who are incredibly nice (and usually large plus size too which is awesome because when I need an opinion I know they understand things I'm worried about) greet me, and I always sheepishly greet them back, ashamed.

It's so dumb, really, but I HATE clothes shopping. Because I always have to get a larger size than last time, or they don't have my size, or they do and it just looks like crap. Tried on a ton of clothes, found a dress that was supercute, but looked terrible on me, but found my bras, and an athletic t-shirt that i adored, although i thought it was too tight, but the cashier swore it looked great, and my mom agreed. I wore it twice, and fell in love with it, and felt very confident in wearing something that I thought was tight but looked great.

I love it so much i went back to buy more today.

And lo and behold, they were having a 40% off all normal price items.

And i saw these super cute shirts that are like 50 bucks a pop that I would have never tried on simply because of the price tag, being afraid of falling in love with them.

But at 40% off.....well, 30 bucks is much more agreeable.

So I tried them on...terrified they were not going to fit and I'd be miserable for yet another wonderful clothes item I can't have because of how gross I am.

For the first time in my life, I took 8 items into the dressing room, tried on 8 items, and loved and bought all 8. 100% win. I usually go in with like 10 items and am lucky if I leave with 1. In fact, there are many more times I have spent 1-2 hours in a store, and left with nothing, than times I have actually purchased clothes. But this......this was new...and exciting, and intoxicating.

Holy crap, what an awesome feeling. I was so ecstatic that I couldn't help but blab to the cashier how much I love these shirts and how excited I was. She probably thought I was crazy, but I don't really care....I just had to tell someone, before I exploded from happiness.

I'm starting to see why shopping is addictive!

Heaven help me (and my wallet) when I am able to wear cute normal size clothes...although the boyfriend will probably die of happiness.....since dresses will be back in my wardrobe, and he's been dying to see me in dresses.

So yeah, it was an empowering day......and I think I effectively just doubled my wardrobe.....I usually have so much trouble finding clothes I like that I wear the same clothes every week for 2 or 3 years straight....I hate clothes shopping that much.

Perhaps this is the start of a wonderful (albeit expensive) new future.

I weigh in again in 3 days.....I'm so nervous!!!!


Denise said...

I totally understand. When I went from a size 26/28 down to a 22/24 it opened up a whole new world of clothing for me. Non-plus sized stores that carry some plus sizes would stop at 22/24. Now I have so many more choices! It is a nice feeling. I even went and ordered some cute things from Deb.

Kett said...

Wow, congrats! I know I can't help but stare with lust at so many of the store windows. It stinks because I've also noticed that the 'plus size' sections at big box retailers like target just keep getting smaller and smaller in cut...and ever since fusion bug started mixing everything in my area so many of the plus sizes are just big versions of skinny clothes and totally unflattering. (Seriously, I doubt ANYONE who wears a 32W would look good in an almost string bikini....let's be realistic here) lucky for me, catherines has actually had some nice styles that are more my age and not the middle age high class professional woman style they used to always have. Torrid is nice, but I can not wait to be able to fit into some Hot Topic baggy jeans again :)