Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Protest against the scale

So after my last post, and my aggrivation at the scale, I decided to boycott it until after 3 major 'holidays' for me.

One was my 26th Birthday on June 18th. It was met with a lot of booze. I know lots of booze means lots of empty calories, but damnit, sometimes I just want to be immature and trashed.

The next was July 1st, my little brother's 22nd birthday. Again, lots of booze. Also was the end of a very stressful week at work and right after a very nerve wracking interview for a position I am dying to get. Wanted to unwind. Part of this weight loss is telling myself I won't deny myself 100% of the time.

Then the 4th of July. And although I tried to be good and made a very healthy fruit salad and made turkey dogs, I'm not about to say no to delicious food.

I've been good and trying to drink diet soda, and trying to be more open minded. Drinking a lot of tea and water. Also trying to eat more salads and light fare at work so I can enjoy home-cooking by my mom and roommate.

One of my challenges is that they mostly cook, and I hate to inconvenience people for me. I also don't want to lose the social aspect of family dinner each night. So I compromise. I eat very light at work so I can have a somewhat heavy dinner. I have also started cooking one night a week and I try and make salads for everyone to enjoy. So far it's working well. Granted I may not lose the weight as quickly, but I think long term it will be better because I don't feel like I'm sacrificing myself or distancing myself.

So before these holidays I told myself I would be happy as long as I didn't GAIN any weight since my last weigh in. For those keeping track it was 375.8

And the weight as of about 10 minutes ago......


Not much lost, but the fact I managed to lose any weight after 2.5 drinking binges and 2 tasty cookouts is a triumph for me.

Also found a T-shirt yesterday that I bought almost a year ago as a 'someday this will fit' (it was a yearly convention shirt so I really only had that chance to buy it)

Now, I have done this before, and NEVER, EVER has that 'someday' come.

Until yesterday!

I stretched it out a tad since it felt a little snug, and I probably wouldn't have work it had it not been laundry day but hey I did it.

I also have baskets full of "these clothes no longer fit but someday they will again" which again, has NEVER happened to me, and one of the recently (within the last year) shirts I put in there is back in my "wearable" pile.

Again, it still fits a little too close to comfort, but to me, being 2 sizes too big is comfort so a lot of it is probably in my head.

but yeah, so i guess that would be a non-scale victory.

Now....to hit 350 before the end of the year. Only 24.4 pounds away!

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