Wednesday, June 15, 2011

2 weeks away

Urg, the scale doesn't like me tonight.

375.8 WTF?

I'm trying not to get all bent out of shape though, because I ate really really late tonight and I drank almost a gallon of water today, mostly in the afternoon, so that's probebly screwing with the amount. And looking at my food tracker I've been pretty high on sodium lately. I'm going to try and eat normal tomorrow and re-weigh when I'm not freshly full from dinner and chugging water like a camel. And also try to cut the sodium levels a little since I'm sure thats not helping.

Probably have not lost that much, but I'm not upset. It's been a rough few weeks, been busy at work and it's been HOT as all getout meaning I'm drinking ALOT and probably retaining water.

Found my new go-to lunch stuff. Turkey and Xtreme Wellness wraps. They stay nice and soft until lunch and are only 71 calories. That with a bit of fat free cream cheese ends up being about 160 calories a wrap. Meaning on extra hungry days I can make two and not feel like crap.

Also discovered Silk Almond milk. I spent a good year strictly vegetarian thinking it would lead to weight loss (note to fat self, just because cheetos, reeses PB cups and mountain dew are vegetarian does not make them a healthy meal!) But as a result, I'm pretty open to trying health and vegan foods. So when I heard about the almond milk and only 60 calories a glass all I could think was "OOOH ITS LIKE ALMOND JOY IN A CUP!!!!"

Ok, so it wasn't that awesome, but I really liked the taste of it with a salad with light vinegarette dressing, I think the sourness of the dressing really made the almond taste pop.

So my mom and my roommate each bought generic magic bullets, the little personal blenders. I've been good. Went out and got nonfat chocolate frozen yogurt rather than 2% milk and chocolate syrup. But I LOVE peanut butter. But it's high in calories and I can't find PB protein power in non health food stores.

[as a side rant, I hate health food stores. Everytime i go in one I get the inevitable "Oh, some desperate fatty thinks we're going to have a magic pill to solve her" OR, they just outright greet me at the door and offer to show me where the diet pills are. NOT AMUSED.]

Plus a lot of them are high calories which I don't want. And they taste funny. Not like real peanut butter. Someone at work mentioned peanut flour which they used to sell at trader joes, since they are on atkins and loved it. But now they don't make it. However, I found a place online that sells dehydrated PB. A ton less calories and a few blogs have given decent ratings. So I ordered some samples.

Almond Milk+FF frozen chocolate yogurt+ Dehydrated PB = OH HELL YES *does the fatty dance*

yeah. It's like giving the middle finger to my diet without actually being "bad" mwahahahah

Me= 1 Obesity = lets not mention the number, shall we?

Now mind you, I am NOT doing the Atkins diet. I loves me my carbs. However, I am aware there are a lot of empty calories in carbs, and so I like to keep my options open and find new tasty things. I've seen it work wonders for some. For me, it just led to horrible binges on carbs. So I just try and keep things fresh.

But so I've had some cool food finds these last 2 weeks.

Birthday is on Saturday. Wanted to be to 350 by then. Kinda upset with myself. But, I'm going to force myself to get over it. Changing my habits is more important than a quick fix.

I can't stop thinking about that peanut butter now. And I just found a place that has PB+raspberry jam dehydrated. heehheheheheheheheheheheheheheheeeee......

Or, I can go have some more water and go to sleep. My credit card will probebly thank me.

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