Monday, July 11, 2011

Day Early weigh in

since tomorrow I'm going by my mom's house, I decided to do my weigh in tonight.



Also discovered PB2 by Bell Plantation. OMGOODNESSS awesome. I am a peanut butter nut. And peanut butter is high in calories. a tasty substitute.

Getting a smart phone on thursday, and already planning to buy my calorie tracking app through livestrong. The calorie counter is pretty nifty, and helps keep me accountable.

Going down to the boyfriends on Friday. ALL the family is going to be there, so I'm a little nervous. But realizing I am down 15.6 pounds from my highest weight is an amazing feeling.

I don't remember any time in my life that I lost more than 5 pounds before gaining 10 more. It's weird feeling. Like, I just want to tell everyone, expect I know I'm just going to look like a raving lunatic, or "great, you lost 15 pounds, what about the other 230 shamu??"

but blah on them. blah blah blah.

It's beddybai time

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