Wednesday, June 1, 2011

holiday victory

So, due to reasons I can't disclose yet, I might be taking a long. VERY long plane trip soon. And not on my dime. But it gave me a mini crisis....because I would be flying alone. And since it's not my buck, probably economy. So I freaked out just a little when I realized I won't have my wonderful boyfriend to lift the armrest up and enroach on a little. And my fat butt is no way fitting into a 17 inch prison.

So I kicked it up big time. Been counting calories, and trying to cut a lot of carbs (even though I love my carbs, and I tried the Atkins and lets just say it failed. Miserably. Have friends it has worked amazing not one of them)

So I went to the boyfriends this weekend. And we didn;t get out much due to storms and spent a lot of time sitting around geeking out with games and watching the Science Channel. (How it's Made is so freaken awesome!)

And then I came home to go to a cookout and had tasty smores.

I left for the boyfriends at 378. Weighed myself when I got home aaaannnnnddddd.....(dum dum dummmmmmm!)



So I'm happy. It's nice to know I can still enjoy treats in moderation and yet still lose weight. And being so careful with eating, although a pain in the ASS, does make me appreciate the treats more.

Also, Ballpark white turkey hot dogs are awesome. and only 45 calories. That with a light hot dog bun is only 125 calories. Less than one normal hot dog with no bun. So yeah....that makes me happy. Also means I can make cute Bentos with hot dog flowers and not feel so bad :)

On that note. going to bed. House is starting to cool down so I'm gonna sleep while I'm still comfortable.

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