Sunday, July 1, 2012

July weigh in!!!

So I'm down to about a year to my wedding!

Last month......348.2
This morning......345.6

Loss of......2.6 lbs

Way lower than I wanted, and I'm work opened a gym, and I've been going 3x a week. First time, I did the treadmill for 33 mins....and did 1 mile in 32 mins
A week later, I was down to 26 mins to a mile
This last week, I got down to 22 mins a mile

Also, I started out doing just treadmill
Then treadmill and 10 mins biking
Then treadmill and 10 mins biking, 5 min elliptical
Then treadmill and 5 min biking, 10 mins elliptical

So I know I have been improving, and I have been eating very well, yet I feel a little hopeless. 

As of June 18th I became 27
As of June 29th, my fiance and I became homeowners
In 25 days, I will be unemployed for the first time since I became legal to work (14)
In 36 days, I will be leaving the city I have lived in my entire life, leaving my entire family, friends, career, everything.

In 377 days I will no longer have the name I had for 28 years at that point, as I will take my husbands name.

Hopefully, in 377 days I will no longer even recognize the girl in the mirror.

I am hoping to really step up the exercise and diet once I move. It will be a struggle. But I have to do it. We want to do Disney World for our honeymoon and I will NOT be mortified and be too fat to ride. I LOVE roller coasters, but I haven't been on one in a decade, because I got kicked off one due to size and have been terrified to go since. A few years ago, my fiancee took me to Navy Pier and we went on the giant ferris wheel. Going on a ride again was exhilarating. I was giggling and so happy I almost cried. I want to feel that again.

The other day, I played DDR, another thing I hadn't done in nearly a decade. I was sweating, I was dying, but I did it. I live for this feeling now, this freeing feeling, this feeling that I am breaking out of chains.

Hopefully this will get better and better and I will feel this more often.

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