Tuesday, June 5, 2012

June weigh-in!

Hrm, odd, the post I made did not post, so let's try this again.
So it's been a year. What a year it's been! I don't feel that different, and it disappoints me. I haven't had to throw out any clothes. I don't see any change in my size, and I still disgust myself on a daily basis. I also didn't have the monumental weight loss I had hoped for. But....tomorrow is another day.

So last month, I weighed in at 351
This month.....348.2

Again, not the progress I hoped for, but at least I broke the 350 mark. I would like to be 200lbs or less by my wedding, but I doubt that's going to happen seeing as it's 13 months away. At least want to be under 230. That's 120 lbs. 10 lbs a month. Need to break down into smaller goals again, these long term goals are killing me. Maybe I should shoot for 10lbs a month. Lots of little short term goals. I dunno.

The flight to LA wasn't as bad as I thought. Didn't get kicked off the plane, and technically if i suck in my gut really really hard and really slam the belt together I can close the best without an extender. Can't breathe, but I did it damnit!

Having a bad night. Lots of wedding planning this weekend. Lots of seeing brides in tiny dresses and beautiful brides in photographers portfolios. Meaning, I feel disgusting.

I'm gonna let myself mope tonight. Then, tomorrow, put on the big girl panties and move forward.

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