Sunday, April 10, 2011

Totally not weight related but.....

I've decided when I have a home of my own again, I am going to spend a LOT of money at Hirst Arts. This is why:

I just had a geekgasm. Also a creaftgasm. And of course, I'm about to head out the door to go do my weekly D&D game, so these gasms are not going to subside. GAH!!!!!!!!!

Also, my sweetie is on blogger now....Omnigamer. It's a blog all about geeky stuff, particularly D&D.

Anymoot, gotta run! Hopefully a more substantial post tonight....maybe..

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TheOmnigamer said...

Those look like interesting models. And gasms are always fun, even gasms of the geek and craft sub-type.

You should really check out that blogger TheOmnigamer...he's really cool.