Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ah Storms...

So, I apologize in advance, but this is going to be my first attempt at adding pictures on my blog, so I hope it doesn't get all crazy....

So we had storms today. Big time. And it hailed, which was pretty cool.

Funny thing is, I have two adorable kitties (and my roomate has 3 but that's a story for another time) Here they are:

The stripey one is Gizmo, who is my nearly 4 year old boy. He's a loveable snuggly teddybear who thinks he is a dog.

The white and black kitty is Widget, who is 2.5 years old and my little baby girl. She is terrified of thunderstorms, to the point of it being pathetically adorable. See exhibit a:

This is the point where she was just hiding behind the bathroom door. That opens inwards. She's cute, but not very bright.

Then of course she sees me, which leads to exhibit b, as I am trying to use my laptop:

Finally, we come to an agreement, and I make her a hidey hole under a towel:

I love her, but I can not figure out what led to this terror. When it was just me and the boyfriend, she was fine in our apartment with storms. Upon him moving to Michigan for grad school and me moving in with my mom's best friend (and current roommate) she became terrified. Maybe it's just a missing daddy issue, I don't know. Someday I will have to get video of her, because she runs in a hilarious fashion and she drools like a puppy. Like I said, it's adorable in a completely pathetic way.

I still havent gotten on the scale again. I think I am going to wait like a week. And try to be really good this week, so hopefully the damage won't be as bad as I fear. I was going to just use my webcam and take a picture, but I feel icky today, so instead I'm going to post a different picture. (warning ahead of time, I am terribly guilty of myspace angles. I know I have double chins, but for some reason i still have this psycho obsession with trying to hide that obvious fact...though I have gotten a little better about it...)

Ok, so this is cheating. This is me, but it was an awesome photo done by my very talented photogrpher friend TJ, of Pendragon Photography. Feel free to google him, though some of his works are a little, aheam, riskque. He does a lot of awesome fantasy inspired work too, but I adore this man. First time he took a picture of me was this photo here and when he emailed it to me I was like....."Oh my god, TJ, you have got to be f*&ken kidding me....this isn't me!!!" He's taken a few other photos of me, that maybe when I have a bit more courage I'll post, but I figured I should put some sort of face to the name and hey, might as well make the best first impression I can, lol.

Anyway, I should probebly get going. Start training a new class tommorrow so I want to get good sleep and get myself all psyched up. Plus, the little pathetic furball I have probebly wants to hide and Gizmo is sitting in front of my laptop meowing at me, telling me "mooooooooooooommmmmmm, it's bedddttiiiiiiiime.....what the helllllllllllll?"

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