Friday, May 24, 2013

Hey look I'm back!

Yep I'm back......and have been boycotting the scale. I know I need to get back on track with weighing in I just get so freaked out.

Ummm..been terrible with the gym the last 2 weeks...haven't gone at all, mostly because now the college is out so the gym hours have been cut back and I used to work out late at night. Plus we have been having an extension put on the house which has involved ripping a window out of our bedroom to make a connecting wall and having contractors in and out of the house.

But thats gonna change. Our wedding and Disney honeymoon is less than 2 months away so I finally broke down and bought some good walking shoes and we are going to start training....starting with 1 mile every day and working up to 5 miles comfortably.  And this will hopefully be on top of going to the gym. Its a little tough of a goal but I have faith that we will be able to do it.

Also finally got our bikes out of the garage and tuned up. It took me 3 tries but I managed to bike down the hill by my house and then biked up it. Halfway up the driveway I had to walk the bike up to the garage but I was proud of myself and my fiancee for pushing me to keep trying until I got it.

So hopefully now that the winter is FINALLY over here in the UP maybe this will be a good renewal right before the wedding. I'm really hoping to be under 300 by the wedding but we'll see.

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