Thursday, April 12, 2012

You get what you pay for....

Especially with scales...

So a few days after my last weigh in, I decided to check my weight again, and as I stepped on the scale I heard an sickening crunch noise, and saw that my weight came in at 15 pounds less than 3 days before. Needless to say, I decided it broke. So I invested in a new scale, with a 440 pound weight limit, a much clearer screen and a wider more stable glass and metal base, rather than plastic.

So the new scale put me at 10 pounds higher.

I'm taking the optimistic route here. I'm going to assume my highest weight was 10 pounds higher. I have definitely lost weight, so I'm assuming I have the same pounds lost. So my updated weigh in is:

Top weight: 395
Current Weight: 352.8

Total Lost so Far: 42.2

I'm hoping to lose this month, not gain, but I've been off to a bad start. Easter dinner is tasty, and I overindulged. Plus I got an Easter basket so I've had a habit of grazing.

I did however, purchase a fitbit. And I have to say, I LOVE it. I'm such a geek for numbers and pretty graphs and I've been interested in tracking my sleep since I had a bad habit of sleepwalking as a child. The first one I got was defective, but the customer service at fitbit was AMAZING and they got me a new one out right away, and told me to just recycle the broken one and keep the wristband and charger as an extra.

Well, good thing I did, because no sooner did I get my new fitbit, I accidentally set my laptop on top of the charger and melted it. So good thing I had a backup!

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