Thursday, March 17, 2011

See....the thing flakka?

So, I'm not very good with blogs. Not very good with weight loss either. But, I am AWESOME at procrastinating, haha.

So, my dad FINALLY came home from the hospital, and is doing phenomenally. Got a training position internship at work, which although I am terrified of public speaking, I am finding I feel a lot better about myself.

Still haven't joined a gym. Mostly, lack of motivation, and my own stubbornness knowing I'll be too chicken shit to go to a gym with all the skinny pretty girls and all the hot buff guys who might look upon me and throw up a little. Yeah, I'm also pretty good with my imagination too....

I haven't weighed myself, and seeing as I am visiting my bf in Illinois tomorrow, I don't think I'm going to, because I doubt I have lost anything, and don't feel like starting the weekend on a down note.

I've been thinking a lot about food lately and diets. Yes, I could go an list all these foods I'm allowed and not allowed, but I have always told myself I never want to be the sterotypical girl who goes out for dinner and gets water and a salad. I'm a carnivore, taters and veggie kinda girl. Salad is not dinner. Maybe lunch if I'm feeling particularly vengeful towards vegetables that afternoon. But not dinner. As a dinner side, sure.

Plus, I hate lettuce. Seriously, its just so.........iiiick to me. I tolerate it, for the other tasty things in salads. Like cucumbers and mushrooms.

I'm not even sure what point I'm trying to make here. Anyways, I think my brain is fried from teaching today, so I'm gonna go. Just wanted to check in an let any visitors know I'm still alive and very buoyant still. Seeya!

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