Monday, August 16, 2010

50 things

50 things I want to do within almost 1000 days (5/5/2013 - what would have been my Grandma’s 91st birthday)

This may be extended at a later time when i think of more things I want to do.

To preface, I set it at her birthday because my entire life my grandma (who I call Gima) tried to help me with my weight. She always kept herself so healthy and active, despite her health hardships (she was diagnosed with Haemophilia B when she was very young....a very rare case, like, less than 20% of cases are type B and not only that, it is a nearly male exclusive disease) and being diagnosed in the 1930’s with it, only had a life expectancy of 10-15 years. Despite that, she swam and ran daily, she volunteered for the local nursing home, was very active in her religion and was always up to some sort of an adventure or another. Not only that, she survived a long battle with breast cancer, won, but then was diagnosed with lymphoma, and yet still volunteered at the nursing home, often helping people who were younger and in some ways in better health than she was up until she was unable to walk anymore. She fought up until the end, passing away on March 11, 2002, just a few months shy of her 80th birthday. She is one of the strongest women I have ever met and someone who I inspire to even be a quarter of the woman she was.

1.) Be able to ride every adult ride at Six Flags Great America
2.) Go horseback riding
3.) Be able to buy sexy undergarmets from Victoria’s Secret
4.) Be able to buy clothes in the non-plus size section
5.) Swim a 500 freestyle in under 6 minutes (my old high school best time was 5 min, 48 seconds, I was varsity swim team)
6.) Go Canoeing with my boyfriend and his dad
7.) Be able to ride a bike again
8.) Be able to use my Wii Fit again
9.) Be able to do every Yoga pose well iin Wii Fit
10.) Walk over 10,000 steps every day for a week
11.) Walk over 100,000 steps in a week
12.) Wear a 1 piece dress and look good in it Done, September of 2011
13.) Be able to take a bubble bath Done August 2011
14.) Have a current pair of my pants be too loose to wear
15.) Be able to wear blue jeans again
16.) Be able to wear my ‘slutty’ jeans ( a pair of jeans I had in high school that are cut all the way up the leg almost to the boyshort underwear line and then filled in with criss-crosses of jean material ribbon
17.) Be able to make myself a chainmaille shirt and wear it
18.) Be able to buy any cute shirt from
19.) Be able to cosplay Silk Sceptre from Watchmen (comic version of costume, not the latex stripper version from the movie) with my boyfriend cosplaying as Nite Owl
20.) Grow my hair past my butt (only about another foot and a half to go)
21.) Be able to confidently go out in public wearing a tank top and/or shorts above the knee
22.) Model for a photoshoot
23.) Either earn over 45k in a year or have a 4.0 GPA for a year (I say either or because I’m not sure yet if I am going to stick with my current career path which I dislike but makes a decent amount or if I am going to go back to college full time)
24.) Be able to sit in folding chairs without terror
25.) Be able to sit in chairs with arms without squeezing in barely or having fat hang over the arms
26:) Not be terrified of booth seats at restaurants
27.) Be able to buy and wear a cute/sexy Halloween costume
28.) Work in a haunted house again, even if only for just one night
29.) Have my own home again, or a home with just David and I
30.) Find 100 geocaches
31.) Specifically find the geocache near the observation tower at Pike Lake State Park in Hartford, WI.

Little side story on that one...I love geocaching. I was camping at this park with my mom and roomie, and I saw this cache was only 1/3 of a mile from our site. I figured, hey, how hard can it be. I thought 4 stars out of 5 for difficulty just meant kids and disabled people would be bad for it. I hiked to the base of the hill. Saw a long groomed path winding back into the woods that was cleared, or a beaten down path going straight up the hill. Did’nt seem that big of a hill (HA!) so I decided to take the beaten down path. Halfway up the hill I was thinking “Oh my god you dumb fat cow what were you thinking?!” as I gasped for breath. Decided to be stubborn and just finish the hill, after all, the cache must be right by the observation tower which I could see. Made it to the observation tower and just laid on the concrete base, my head spinning and even my pasty white legs red from exhaustion. I laid there for a good 20 minutes catching my breath, and looked at my GPS.....looked to the side and saw the long winding path would have come up here after all, it just would have been much less steep and a much longer walk. Oh, and apparently there is another hill on top of the hill that the observation tower was. And my GPS still pointed .15 miles up that hill to the cache. Seeing as there was nobody out there, the weather was at 90 degrees, I was nearly out of water and my head was already swimming, I admitted defeat, FOR NOW, rested for another 10 minutes and took the long winding path back to my campsite. Probably a good move because if I had fallen or passed out that would have been really bad. However, I swear I WILL find that cache, because I will NOT be defeated. Granted, I’m sure I’m the only person of my size who has hoofed it up that steep incline (probably because I was the only person my size dumb and crazy enough to try it) so I was proud of that.

32.) Lose 50 pounds
33.) Lose 75 lbs
34.) Lose 100 lbs
35.) Lose 125 lbs
36.) Lose 150 lbs
37.) Have David’s dad notice my weight loss, to my face, without someone else prompting it
38.) Be able to wear my boyfriend’s T-shirts
39.) Be proposed to (in an engagement kind of way)
40.) Go Go-karting
41.) Take a trip to the Wisconsin Dells
42.) Go camping for at least 3 nights
43.) Learn to dance
44.) Take Pole Dancing classes (you tube it, it’s not just a stripper thing)
45.) Take a picture without “myspace angles” and use it for my facebook profile
46.) Learn how to take a compliment well
47.) Read the entire Wheel of Time series
48.) Have a girl’s night, with more than 1 girl
49.) Do a video blogpost
50.) Fit comfortably in an airplane seat, without an extender


Emily said...

what a fantastic blog! I'm so glad you commented on mine so that I found YOU :D

I love this idea of listing your goals. So many of your dreams are mine, too. You are not alone in your struggle, girl! Keep on posting, I'm so excited to follow your journey to a size 10.

You are so strong and courageous.

Kett said...

Well, I can't take all the credit, I got the inspiration from Skinnie Emmie's blog, since she had a 101 things to go in 1001 days...I figured if I put my goals in writing it would help me remember what I am working towards :)